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Bethel Mountain Band

The Bethel Mountain Bank is a gospel bluegrass band with heavenly harmonies.

Mud Springs Gospel Band

We play all gospel music with about a third of our songs are originals.  We have recorded five albums, completing a Christmas Album last December.  We love to share songs and stories about the amazing love our Lord has for all of us perplexing people.

Free Range

Free Range is a musical duo that's out to make sure its audiences enjoy every song.

The Sleepy Eyed Johns

Sleepy Eyed Johns

What is bluegrass? The Sleepy Eyed Johns!

Mountain Honey

Sweet and golden acoustic music inspired by traditional bluegrass, with driving banjo and high lonesome harmonies.

Wayward Vessel

Wayward Vessel is a bluegrass band playing uplifting, original music, drawing inspiration from our bluegrass pioneers and traditional fiddle music.

Rose City Bluegrass Band

A long time ago in Vancouver, Washington, there was a place called The Steeple Center, an old church where bluegrass classes were held. It is where we met and "steeped" ourselves in the music.

Back Up & Push

We are a 5 piece bluegrass band from Welches, OR. We have been playing together for about 10 years.

Whistlin’ Rufus

Whistlin' Rufus has delighted family audiences throughout the Pacific Northwest for several years. Three and four part vocal harmonies, exciting instrumentation and contagious fun are part of the Rufusarian bluegrass experience.


Half-Grass’d... is a string band playing old-school bluegrass, country, folk ’n’ blues… we might bust out some Rolling Stones or Beatles, too!

3 Play Ricochet

3 PLAY RICOCHET plays "Bluegrass and Beyond" -- an intelligent blend of
String-Band Americana.

The Wild Wood

The Wild Wood is a constellation of accomplished young stars who have been attracted toward one another as much by each other's shine as by the affinity they share with traditional Folk music.

Dogwood String Band

The Dogwood String Band
Skillful picking and expert three and four-part harmonies are just part of what you can expect from the Dogwood String Band, who have been plying their brand of high-energy acoustic music across the Pacific Northwest. Melding sophisticated songcraft, irrepressible spirit, and remarkable instrumental ability, this band truly captures the spirit and enthusiasm of bluegrass music. Three members are songwriters and everyone sings lead so there is always something fresh to listen to. If you catch a live DSB performance, you will become an instant fan.
The Dogwood String Band... contemporary bluegrass-fueled Americana.

Money Creek Mining Co.

Money Creek plays stirring mountain ballads and burning banjo tunes.

Bigfoot Mojo

Thigh-slappin’ bluegrass characterized by impeccable vocal harmonies and shredding solos.

Steer Crazy

A New Brand of Western & American Music Musical fun and close harmonies that requires no complicated explanation. Nice guys singing and playing great music.


Roundhouse was founded in 1994 by Ron Leavitt and Kim Jones. Ron played trumpet until he switched to the mandolin in college, inspired by both Seals and Croft and Bill Monroe.

Puddletown Ramblers

Puddletown Ramblers is a regional bluegrass band that performs original songs, good old time traditional bluegrass, acoustic, old country and Americana music.

The Hossettes

Sharing a reverence for the soulful harmonies and powerful drive of the pioneering bands of bluegrass, the Hossettes (hoss-ettes) bring tremendous talent and energy to the stage.

Red Diesel

Red Diesel has been performing "Kickin' Acoustic" for over six years at a variety of events in the Northwest.

Tried and Blue

Tried and Blue is a three-piece Northwest Bluegrass stringband, featuring Nancy Limbaugh on mandolin, her husband Jeff on upright bass, and guitar flat picker Dennis Zelmer.

The Jamblers

The Jamblers play a blend of bluegrass, folk, classic rock, country, alt-indie, jazz, old standards & more.

Kathy Boyd and Phoenix Rising

IMEA 2015 Bluegrass Group of the Year Kathy Boyd & Phoenix Rising is all about the stories and the stories of everyday America are what you get frm these four personable entertainers.

Lost Creek Bluegrass Band

From Portland, Oregon, Lost Creek delivers a driving blend of bluegrass and old time standards with terrific vocal harmonies and tasteful instrumentation.

Hazel and Kathleen

Hazel Peterson and Kathleen Sykora bring the fun and joy of Bluegrass to the Vancouver/Portland area.

Julie and The WayVes

Julie and The Wayves is a 5-piece, progressive bluegrass band, based out of Portland, Oregon. 

Eight Dollar Mountain

Rising from the Cascade-Siskiyou Mountain range of Southern Oregon comes Eight Dollar Mountain, an exciting, high-energy bluegrass quintet. 

Back Porch Revival

Back Porch Revival

Blues Inspired Folk, County, Blues, Honky-Tonk and original songs.

Ash Creek

We like to say we explore the frontiers between bluegrass, folk, and traditional country music.

A Sudden Tradition

A Sudden Tradition is a Portland-area Americana band, performing bluegrass, folk, old time, country, standards, contemporary, and original songs—all with that traditional acoustic roots sound.

Long Mountain Revival

Long Mountain Revival's main emphasis in the group is sharing the Gospel through song.

The Loafers

The Loafers are an acoustic quartet based in the Portland-Metro area, playing traditional bluegrass, specializing in exciting instrumentals and familiar vocals of bluegrass standards.

Umpqua Valley Bluegrass Band

Umpqua Valley Bluegrass Band's mountain-styled "tight & twangy" traditional bluegrass sound features banjo, mandolin, fiddle, guitar, bass and vocals. The group formed in 2010 when they saw a newspaper ad saying "Bluegrass Band Needed for Pig Roast BBQ." The rest is history!

The Pitchfork Revolution

High Desert Hobo Blackgrass from East of the Cascades.

Home Grown

HomeGrown as a performing band began in 2006. Three musicians recognized in each other a shared love for traditional early American music.

Shasta Ray Band

The band is referred to as a truly "Community Band"....a "Bring a town together Band


Oregon’s Best Americana Dynamic Duo

Slipshod is Matt Snook (dobro and banjo) and Steve Blanchard (guitar and mandolin). They met a number of years ago as part of the Northwest Bluegrass community and became fast friends and picking partners.

Hudson Ridge

Hudson Ridge has a sound all it's own. Love of harmony and the desire and ability to "Ridgetize" their own blend of Americana, Bluegrass, and traditional Country music, gives this band a truly unique sound.

Whiskey Puppy

Whiskey Puppy plays boot-stomping, mule-slapping traditional bluegrass and old time music. The Portland, OR trio brings energy, humor, and skillful musicianship to little-known songs and tunes searched out from the repertoires of the early Southern string bands.

Clayton Knight

Wry, inspiring, original songs, rooted in tradition.

Misty Mamas

This band – together since 2005 – has made a real name for itself in the Vancouver/Portland acoustic music scene.

The Hillwilliams

The Hillwilliams are a group of Portland, OR musicians who have come together to celebrate the high lonesome sound and hot picking of traditional Bluegrass.

Corral Creek Bluegrass

Corral Creek Bluegrass Band is a local band that formed 10 plus years ago and works to bring Bluegrass style music to Oregon area folks.


Stumbleweed is a Portland based bluegrass band. Playing mostly original material, with a few classics thrown in, we blend traditional bluegrass and honky tonk with a bit of old country, and we smile a lot.

Steve Blanchard

Steve Blanchard

Steve Blanchard is well known as an acoustic flatpicker guitarist, singer and songwriter with a career spanning over four decades.

Homemade Jam

Homemade Jam features Bill and Margot O’Sullivan on mandolin and fiddle, and Bob and Michelle Hall on guitar and bass fiddle. All four performers sing and occasionally there is some trading around of instruments. This group plays a wide variety of acoustic music, from blues to bluegrass and Celtic to swing, and musical adventures in between! There is always something for everyone to enjoy.

Fadin’ by 9

What happens when you bring together a bass-playing attorney, guitar-strumming bilingual reading specialist, fire-on-the-fiddle volcanologist, and a banjo-picking elementary school principal?


Based in the Pacific Northwest, Mischief is father/daughter duo Matt and Anna Snook with Jim Brockill.

Hardshell Harmony

Based out of the beautiful Columbia River Gorge, this high energy group is full of spirit, and comedy.