bgxBluegrass Express is OBA's quarterly newsletter, published in January, April, July and October. It's the source for the latest local, regional and national bluegrass issues, events and opportunities.

It's a real good one, folks: Bluegrass Express has won national recognition from the Society for the Preservation of Bluegrass Music of America. (Well worth the price of a membership!)

OBA members receive a hardcopy of the current issue, but you can also peruse many of our back issues below. Enjoy!

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Express Issues

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vol_39_num_3_jul_aug_sept_2019 July, Aug, Sept 2019 Summer Express Issue
vol_39_num_2_apr_may_jun_2019 Apr, May, Jun 2019 Spring Express Issue
vol_39_num_1_jan_feb_mar_2019 Jan, Feb, Mar 2019 Winter Express Issue
vol_38_num_2_apr_may_jun_2018 Apr, May, Jun 2018 Spring Express Issue
vol_38_num_1_jan_feb_mar_2018 Jan, Feb, Mar 2018 Winter Express Issue
vol_38_num_1_jan_feb_mar_2018 Jan, Feb, Mar 2018 Winter Express Issue
vol_37_num_4_oct_nov_dec_2017 Oct, Nov, Dec 2017 Fall Express Issue
vol_37_num_3_jul_aug_sep_2017 Jul, Aug, Sep 2017 Summer Express Issue
vol_37_num_2_apr_may_jun_2017 Apr, May, Jun 2017 Spring Express Issue
vol_37_num_1_jan_feb_mar_2017 Jan, Feb, Mar 2017 Winter Express Issue
vol_36_num_4_oct_nov_dec_2016 Oct, Nov, Dec 2016 Fall Express Issue
vol_36_num_3_july_aug_sept_2016 Jul, Aug, Sept 2016 Summer Express Issue
vol_36_num_2_apr_may_june_2016 Apr, May, Jun 2016 Spring Express Issue
vol_36_num_1_jan_feb_mar_2016 Jan, Feb, Mar 2016 Winter Express Issue
vol_35_num_4_oct_nov_dec_2015 Oct, Nov, Dec 2015 Fall Express Issue
vol_35_num_3_july_aug_sep_2015 Jul, Aug, Sep 2015 Summer Express Issue
vol_35_num_1_jan_feb_mar_2015 Jan, Feb, Mar 2015 Winter Express Issue
vol_34_num_4_oct_nov_dec_2014 vol_34_num_4_oct_nov_dec_2014 Oct, Nov, Dec 2014 Fall Express Issue
vol_34_num_3_jul_aug_sep_2014 vol_34_num_3_jul_aug_sep_2014 July Aug Sept 2014 Summer Express Issue
vol_34_num_2_apr_may_jun_2014 vol_34_num_2_apr_may_jun_2014 Apr, May, Jun Spring 2014 Express Issue
vol_34_num_1_jan_feb_mar_2014 vol_34_num_1_jan_feb_mar_2014 Jan, Feb, Mar 2014 Winter Express Issue